Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy

The care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the whole church. Everyone who participates in the life of the church has a role to play in promoting a safer church for all. The full Safeguarding Policy can be seen on the church website. This is reviewed regularly by the Safeguarding Officer and the Vicar to ensure that we, as a church, are meeting Diocesan requirements such as the present emphasis on Safer Recruitment guidelines which need to be taken into account.

However, in time of vacancy, as at present, the Safeguarding Officer liaises with Rural Dean. In order to remain as current as possible regular ‘Diocesan Updating’ courses are attended by the Safeguarding Officer. 

All church members who work directly with children and vulnerable adults on behalf of the church have been asked to undertake relevant Diocesan Safeguarding Courses and where appropriate are DBS cleared.

The Safeguarding officer is Mrs Christine Marsh.

If contact regarding safeguarding or child protection is needed then the first point of call are the safeguarding contacts as on the website, also they are to be put on an information notice in the church porch. (Primarily, the Safeguarding Officer and, at present, The Rural Dean)

If a potential safeguarding issue is brought to the attention of the safeguarding officer, then after discussion of the problem with the Rural Dean the issue is referred to the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer for advice and any further actions will be taken by them.