Weddings at St Michael’s Mere and St Mary’s West Knoyle.

Churches are special places to marry in and we are delighted that you are you are thinking of getting married in our Benefice of Mere and West Knoyle. Our clergy and their team will be able to guide and support you to create a wedding  service that will be will be meaningful, memorable and perfect for you.

We are happy to conduct services for those who believe in God and those who just wish to have the joy of marrying in church and we will pray for God’s blessing for you as your prepare to marry and on your wedding day.

Questions About Planning Your Wedding

You will probably have lots of questions about marrying in church, The Church of England website  ‘Your Church Wedding’  is an invaluable and easy to negotiate website that will answer all your general questions and guide you through planning and organising your church wedding.

The ‘Just Engaged’ section is an excellent starting point.

We also have our own guide which covers more specifically getting married in our benefice and can be accessed by clicking on the link below. 

Mere and West Knoyle wedding guide.

Can I get married at the churches in this benefice?

The answer is usually ‘yes’, as long as you are not married to anyone else and one of you lives in or has a ‘qualifying connection’ with the parish.  Examples of qualifying connections are being baptised at the church, previously living in the parish or your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

First Steps

If you decide you would like to be married in Mere or West Knoyle, your first step is to contact Paula, our wedding administrator, with a proposed date.

Her contact details are or 07942 291266.

What if one of us has been married or divorced?

If either, or both, of you have been married before and is divorced this is not a barrier to being married in the Anglican Church but it is something that needs to be discussed with the priest who is going to marry you. You would also need to show a decree absolute to prove your previous marriage has been dissolved.

What if I live in the parish, but I want to marry in a different church?

All couples who are marrying with a ‘qualifying connection’ to a church will have their banns read, three times, in both the church where they are going to marry and, if different, also in the parish where they live.

If you live in Mere or West Knoyle but are marrying in another parish, you will need to contact our administrator to organise your banns being read here. After the third reading we will give you a certificate, to confirm your banns have been read, which you will then need to give to the church where you will be marrying.

The fee for this is currently £54. (2024).